Monday, March 11, 2019

March Garden Chores

     March 20th is the official first day of Spring.  We did have a day of snow in March but hopefully, the snow is not making another appearance. Warm days are here to stay and if we collectively say it loud enough, it will be so.

     1. March is the perfect time to finalize seed orders.  Some highly sought after seed and varieties may sell out quickly. Get those seed packets in your hands ASAP. 

     2. It's time to buy bare root plants and canes.  The soil is no longer frozen so get those babies in the ground.  Leaving them in their packing material or in plastic bags can encourage them to dry out or rot.  (Examples are asparagus and berries.)

     3.  If your garlic is coming up, it may be time to thin your mulch or top dressing so those emerging greens can get some light.

    4.  Lay some cardboard out or overturned melons.  Slugs might find a home underneath and then you can dispose of them.

     5.  Keep cleaning up your garden.  Removing debris can help control pests and improve the sanitation of your entire garden.

     6.  Take soft and hardwood cuttings of plants you want to propagate like currants.

     7.  Time to start warm weather plants like basil and tomatoes.

When you are out at the garden again take a nice inventory of your garden spaces and plan for the upcoming season.  Remember to rotate crops as much as possible.  See you out there.

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