Thursday, September 15, 2016

PNW Pepper Profiles: Serrano

  • The serrano pepper is similar to the jalapeno in it look (albeit thinner) but this pepper is much hotter. On the Scoville heat index, the serrano pepper can be between 10,000 and 25,000 heat units.  Serrano peppers are perfect for salsas, sauces, relishes, garnishes and more.  They are usually best when roasted.  Split them open to remove the veins and the seeds if you want their flavor but not too much heat.  (Remember when handling hot chilis to wear gloves and not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth afterwards.)

  • Easy to grow, it is a tall plant about 24-36 inches tall and produces a very abundant crop.

 I ate the red pepper in the photo with my dinner, I got through about 3/4 of it before it got too hot for me.  It has a nice floral aroma and is lightly sweet too.

* Note:  With all peppers, plant outside when the weather is warm.  55 F in the evenings. 

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