Sunday, February 1, 2015

Seed Starting Cool Season Greens

When I start cool season greens indoors, (I don't do this every year) I begin in February.  These greens usually take 5-10 days to germinate, then it takes 2-4 weeks for them to grow enough to fill my peat pellets.  I usually do not bother to plant them in larger 4 inch pots because they are so easy to grow and plant outside. By the time March comes around, the possibility of a final blast of snow has usually passed. (Although we did have a light dusting of snow in April about 5 years ago.)

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Jiffy peat pellets

This year I have decided to focus on growing my greens.  I recently came across a couple articles that have dethroned my precious kale as the most nutritious green out there.  I am determined to try to grow more variety for me and my family. 

The most difficult, super nutritious green to grow seems to be watercress.  I adore the flavor raw and in soups. They do best in cool running water with part shade,  I wonder if my sister is still holding on to that baby pool I  loaned her several years ago?


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