Friday, August 21, 2020

Tomato Profile: Stupice

 This is a tomato with many pronunciations.  I have heard it pronounced, "stu-peach-ka", "stu-pea-chay", and "stu-peach".  It is an indeterminate, potato leaf tomato that produces 3-6 ounce roundish, salad-sized, mini-slicers.  This tomato is a very early producer, 55 days, and it can withstand cold if protected in the fall. 

This Czechoslovakian tomato was bred by Milan Sodomka and introduced to the United States around 1976. All in all, very easy to grow but not the most astounding tasting tomato out there.  Many have compared it to supermarket tomatoes.  I find the taste to be like that of a classic greenhouse-grown, salad tomato.  Having maligned its flavor, I will say having an early ripening tomato is totally worth it.

The tomato ripens from a pale orange to a nice red. They are perfect for snacking in hand like a small apple.  A trick to increasing their flavor is to withhold water at least 1-2 days before you pick them. 

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