Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tomato Profile: Black Prince

70 days. An heirloom from Irkutsk, Siberia. This medium sized tomato was easy to grow and quick to ripen, it ripened at the same time as our cherry tomatoes and before all other tomatoes.  Being from Siberia, Black Prince does well in cooler summer climates. We have had a hot couple of weeks and I found that in hot weather this tomato can get soft on you.  Check it every day as it starts to ripen. The plant itself was not too sprawling or unruly, decent lush growth but controllable.  The fruit itself was round and heart-shaped not really black but a cool camo color, a mix of red, green and brown.

This was an amazing first tomato for our family, the husband, kids, and grandparents gobbled them right up.  The fruit tasted like "a real tomato" should: juicy, tangy and sweet, all in perfect harmony.  This early ripening tomato will be a staple in our garden for years to come.

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