Saturday, April 25, 2015

True or False Quiz #1

As a Master Gardener, part of my continuing education is to complete quarterly quizzes which I get credits for. The original quiz was 30 questions and worth 2 points, I have edited it to make it more relevant to community gardens.  Try your hand at the questions, answers will be posted next week.  Have fun!

1. Applying mulch to bare soil areas is one way of using water efficiently. __X__ T  ____F

2. One advantage of gardening in raised beds is the soil is less likely to be compacted by walking on it. __X_T  _____F

3. Increasing the organic matter in soil improves its water-holding capacity. _X_T  _____F

4. Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium are macronutrients. ___X__T  _____F

5. Working garden soil when it is very wet harms soil structure. __X__T  _____F

6. Before deciding how to control an insect pest, it is important to know its life cycle.
__X_T  _____F

7. Low pH is an important factor in the growing of blueberries. __X__T  _____F

8. The beer used to attract slugs to a death by drowning is considered a pesticide.
__X__T  _____F

9. In a vegetable garden, it’s important to have trees nearby to provide shade during days of extreme heat. _____T  __X_F.

10. Most soil nutrients needed for plant growth are available in a soil pH range of pH 6-7.
__X__T  _____F


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